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One Table Two Different Looks | Plus a NEW Product Announcement

April 28, 2018

Our tables just got better. When we ship your table to your door, there is some minor assembly to bolt the legs into the table top with the hardware that we include. But DID YOU KNOW that there are two ways you can install the legs for two completely different looks? Its true. Take a look for yourself. Here's our fabulous Brushed Finish JetSet Coffee Table where we hand rub sandpaper in a circular motion over the aluminum to give it a gorgeous visual texture. If you know your coffee table is going to see lots of use and wear, this is the perfect choice, as any scuffs blend in and add to the whole look. Now I need some... Continue Reading →

3 Easy Ways to Add an Industrial Vibe to Your Appartment

January 08, 2018

You don't always have to look too far to find some sweet pieces that ooze with an industrial feel.   1. Get rid of everything plastic. I mean it. Plastic looks cheap. If anything, grab a can of Rust-Otoleum metallic spray paint and give your 70s ceramic floral lamp a high-end metal look with a gorgeous industrial feel. You can make a lot of blah-looking things with good shape, look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. (Photo by Chris Maynard)   2. Find something old and rusty. The more vintage looking, the better. Maybe its an old street sign. Check out an antique shop for an old locker. Maybe you're not so handy with getting your hands dirty,... Continue Reading →