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How Our Airfoil Desk Is Made | B E H I N D T H E S C E N E S

April 15, 2019

Our most popular desk is our Airfoil Desk, built with an eye-catching look that is reminiscent of a vintage aircraft wing.  It has plenty of surface space to work comfortably, with lots of leg room beneath. (Photo courtesy of our customer's real life office in Bloomfield, CO.) If you want to see how this instant conversation starter is made, watch this behind the scenes exclusive footage in our workshop, where we build each Airfoil Desk by hand.  Video by Tyler Little of Continue Reading →

How a Metal Floating Deco Shelf Is Made

March 11, 2019

Here is a 2:05 minute behind the scenes video of our cousin, Tyler, making our most popular metal floating shelf, the Brushed Finish Deco Shelf.    It is available in numerous lengths, this one being 48" long. If you want a custom size, just give us a holler.  Also available in regular aluminum, ones with square corners, silver anodized aluminum (more scratch resistant and matte), black, brass, copper, and reclaimed barn metal. Shop them ALL here. Tyler also owns The Little Rustic, and does his own furniture building and sign making using barn wood from barns he and Eric tear down from the roof down to the foundation. He is extremely clever in his use of taking whitetail deer antlers... Continue Reading →