About Us

We like flying, and how aviation has changed our world.

We enjoy creating our furniture as pieces of artwork that are different then what you can buy in most furniture stores. These pieces remind us of the Good Old Days, about places that we have been to in times past  ---  and when you place them in any room, they become a bold statement that can bring change, just like stepping on an airplane in cold Michigan, and stepping off into sunny Florida.

All of our furniture designs flow from the iconic lines of atomic age airplanes. 

We are an American furniture line based in the great state of Michigan. Our skilled team of craftsmen handcraft every piece, knowing that you will be excited to display them proudly in your home or office.

We are RamonaMetal. Made in the USA.


 Eric and Alicia Lantzer, Owners

Behind the scenes. Covering The Hanger Light with aluminum.

Behind the scenes. Putting the finishing touches on an Aluminum Deco Shelf.

 Like what you see? Send us a message, or give Eric a call at 828-342-0206. We'd love to hear!