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April 15, 2019

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How Our Airfoil Desk Is Made | B E H I N D T H E S C E N E S

Our most popular desk is our Airfoil Desk, built with an eye-catching look that is reminiscent of a vintage aircraft wing. 

It has plenty of surface space to work comfortably, with lots of leg room beneath.


(Photo courtesy of our customer's real life office in Bloomfield, CO.)

If you want to see how this instant conversation starter is made, watch this behind the scenes exclusive footage in our workshop, where we build each Airfoil Desk by hand. 

Video by Tyler Little of TheLittleRustic.Etsy.com.

How a Metal Floating Deco Shelf Is Made

Here is a 2:05 minute behind the scenes video of our cousin, Tyler, making our most popular metal floating shelf, the Brushed Finish Deco Shelf


It is available in numerous lengths, this one being 48" long. If you want a custom size, just give us a holler.

 Also available in regular aluminum, ones with square corners, silver anodized aluminum (more scratch resistant and matte), black, brass, copper, and reclaimed barn metal. Shop them ALL here.

Tyler also owns The Little Rustic, and does his own furniture building and sign making using barn wood from barns he and Eric tear down from the roof down to the foundation.

He is extremely clever in his use of taking whitetail deer antlers ad making ice cream scoops, coffee scoops, and custom engraved knives.

Just last year he got into making gorgeous live-edge furniture, where he pours colorful epoxy rivers through the cracks or joints of the boards. 

He's got a sense of humor that will catch you off guard, and leave you shaking your head and smiling.


February 25, 2019

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2 Easy Ways to Make Your Room One You Love

If you live in a small house or apartment, its easy to get overwhelmed with too much stuff, and not enough space to put it.

But it happens to people with big houses, too.

No matter where you live, here are 2 easy tips that help eliminate the blah feeling when you walk into a room, and make you actually look forward to it.

1. If you don't NEED it, get rid of it.

Seriously, who needs 17 empty toilet rolls?

Or DVDs you'd never watch again.

Or 15 different lotions.

Magazines from last year? Pitch 'em.

Do you seriously use 29 mugs a week?


2. If you don't LOVE it, get rid of it.

Simple enough.

Start with going through one space each day for 7 days.

Begin with just one drawer. Then tomorrow do the closet.

Too tight? Too frumpy? Too 80s? Get rid of it.

Next, look at the artwork on your walls.

If it doesn't give you some a spark of enjoyment, just get rid of it.

Its not worth keeping unfinished craft projects from 3rd grade. Really.

Surround yourself with things that YOU are inspired by. 



Don't know?

Box up everything that you don't need or love and put it in a corner. 

If you haven't missed it for a month, you know it can go.


P.S. The pictures of this adorable little boy's nursery are courtesy of our customers living in an apartment in Brooklyn, NY, the inspiration of our blog post. 

For the aluminum metal floating shelf they styled with the classic adventures of Winnie The Pooh, shop for it directly here.

April 28, 2018

One Table Two Different Looks | Plus a NEW Product Announcement

Our tables just got better.

When we ship your table to your door, there is some minor assembly to bolt the legs into the table top with the hardware that we include.

But DID YOU KNOW that there are two ways you can install the legs for two completely different looks?

Its true.

Take a look for yourself.

Here's our fabulous Brushed Finish JetSet Coffee Table where we hand rub sandpaper in a circular motion over the aluminum to give it a gorgeous visual texture.


If you know your coffee table is going to see lots of use and wear, this is the perfect choice, as any scuffs blend in and add to the whole look.

Now I need some dimmed lights and a spotlight.

1 table 2 different looks.

You are about to see a piece of furniture that no one besides our shop has seen before today.

It is the mate that our JetSet Coffee Table has been missing.

Plus, it shows our second style of installing the four legs.


Our new Side Table JetSet also made in the brushed finish:


 Its a perfect match. Or mix-match.

We've been building coffee tables for years, but this is our FIRST coordinating end table that completes the look.

3 Easy Ways to Add an Industrial Vibe to Your Appartment

You don't always have to look too far to find some sweet pieces that ooze with an industrial feel.


1. Get rid of everything plastic.

I mean it.

Plastic looks cheap.

If anything, grab a can of Rust-Otoleum metallic spray paint and give your 70s ceramic floral lamp a high-end metal look with a gorgeous industrial feel. You can make a lot of blah-looking things with good shape, look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.

(Photo by Chris Maynard)


2. Find something old and rusty. The more vintage looking, the better.

Maybe its an old street sign.

Check out an antique shop for an old locker.

Maybe you're not so handy with getting your hands dirty, but grab a buddy one afternoon who likes welding, and have them cut the front end off a 1953 Ford you found off craigslist.

Add a couple pieces of metal furniture, like these rusty barn tin ottomans.


3. Mix dark and light colors.

Paint a wall or your ceiling a dark gray or black color.

Add a soft, light colored faux rug. Visual texture is everything.


Yours truly,

Alicia Lantzer


3 Easy Ways to Style Your Space Like a Pro


1. Add a touch of green

Plants add an instant touch of beauty, and interior designers use them all the time.

You don't even have to have a green thumb to make it work.

Want something almost impossible to kill? A snake plant or aloe vera is the way to go, plus they are great air purifiers.

Want something completely impossible to kill? Faux plants. 'Nuf said.


2. Only decorate with items that are the size of a grapefruit or bigger

Take a look at your favorite Instagram or Pinterest photos.

Ever notice little nick-nacks filling up the shelves or lined up on the counter?

Me neither.

Larger items give a bigger bang for your decorating buck and are more pleasing to the eye.

Plus, they're way easier to dust.


3 . Use vintage books

Stack a few here.

Turn all the spines completely around on the shelf over there.

And bam. That's how its done.

November 28, 2016

Cyber Monday Promo Code for RamonaMetal.com

We at RamonaMetal hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends!

Use promo code THANKSGIVING16 for 25% off your entire order here on our website or via our Etsy shop. Ends 11/29/16.


Happy shopping your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!

New Product | Aviator Shelving Bookcase

We are so proud of our newest addition to our aviator furniture pieces. This baby is a beast, weighing 300 lbs, and is a stunning statement bookcase with its gorgeous polished look.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our Aviator Shelving Bookcase.

It features four removable shelves, making it easy to store your style and size contents. Bonus about the shelves being removable is that it sure makes it easier moving this bookcase when the shelves aren't adding their weight.

Our classic metal patchwork uses exposed steel screws on aluminum, giving it that beautiful look reminiscent of vintage WWII aircraft.

Got uneven floors? We have you covered with our 4 adjustable feet, making it sit perfectly on even those floors that were built so long ago that you could roll a ball one direction across the floor and it would start to roll a whole different direction.

Yes, we have one of those houses. A 1930s beauty. Full of character.

But that's what I like about the old. When you mix an antique wooden dresser with something new, like an artistic pendant lamp or a soft white shag rug, and continue that pattern of mixing the old and new throughout the entire living space, it gives such warmth and beauty to an otherwise stale room.

Give it a try. Mix the old with the new, and see what happens.


Until next time,



Q & A | Does RamonaMetal Use Recycled Aiplane Parts or New Metal

A question we have been asked quite often is:

Do you use recycled airplane parts?

That is a great question.

As of right now, no. Maybe someday. Perhaps.

Used airplane parts, and lots of them, are hard to come by where we live, completely surrounded by fields. Lots of fields.

For us as a small family owned business, its all about being handmade here on American soil. We take pride in our craftsmanship. Every set screw. Every cut of metal.

We have chosen to use new metal and new wood. We are inspired to create something beautiful with our hands and present it to you as a polished, hand crafted piece.

We modify the designs. We make something new. We custom build.

It is what we do. We are American made.


Let me show you some behind the scenes looks at some of our fabulous handcrafted aviator inspired products and some of the materials we use.

Here we have Tyler, Eric's cousin, rolling on a coat of classic black on the underside of our Jetset Coffee Table tops, made of solid plywood.

And the finished product, wrapped in a sheet of semi-reflective aluminum, with laser cut aluminum legs.

Here Eric is working with lots of angles, putting the sheet metal on The Hanger Light.

And a finished shot of The Hanger Light with our Airframe Table, made with aluminum legs, and hand-rubbed solid red oak top.

We are proud to be American made.

Have more questions for us? We'd love to hear! Send us a message, and we'll see about answering them on our next Q & A blog post.

For all our aviator inspired furniture and floating shelves, go to RamonaMetal.com.


Until next time,


New Product | Standby Console Table | Aviator Furniture

We've combined two of our furniture styles into a classic new look:

The Standby Console Table.

The polished aluminum metal brightens even the smallest of spaces, and the simplicity of the 90 degree aluminum leg design adds both a vintage and contemporary aviator look.

The Standby Console Table combines the polished aluminum patchwork look of our Airfoil Desk that is reminiscent of early American war aircraft...

...with the seamless leg design of our Airframe Desk here.

To shop all our airplane style furniture and aviator inspired floating shelves, go to RamonaMetal.com.


Until next time,


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