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3 Easy Ways to Add an Industrial Vibe to Your Appartment

You don't always have to look too far to find some sweet pieces that ooze with an industrial feel.


1. Get rid of everything plastic.

I mean it.

Plastic looks cheap.

If anything, grab a can of Rust-Otoleum metallic spray paint and give your 70s ceramic floral lamp a high-end metal look with a gorgeous industrial feel. You can make a lot of blah-looking things with good shape, look like a million bucks without breaking the bank.

(Photo by Chris Maynard)


2. Find something old and rusty. The more vintage looking, the better.

Maybe its an old street sign.

Check out an antique shop for an old locker.

Maybe you're not so handy with getting your hands dirty, but grab a buddy one afternoon who likes welding, and have them cut the front end off a 1953 Ford you found off craigslist.

Add a couple pieces of metal furniture, like these rusty barn tin ottomans.


3. Mix dark and light colors.

Paint a wall or your ceiling a dark gray or black color.

Add a soft, light colored faux rug. Visual texture is everything.


Yours truly,

Alicia Lantzer


March 27, 2015

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New LIMITED EDITION Faux Alligator Upholstered Aeromen Ottoman | Aviator Inspired Furniture and Decor

And now, introducing our LIMITED EDITION Alligator Upholstered Aeromen Ottoman!

Inspired by World War II fighter planes, our ottoman's square walls are hugged in aluminum with accenting exposed screws, and, for a new twist, topped with alligator-print for a fashionable, contemporary design.

Measuring 14" W x 14" L x 14" H, this ottoman is the perfect accent furniture piece.

Find it here on our website: LIMITED EDITION Alligator Upholstered Aeromen Ottoman.

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Happy Spring!