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New Product | Aviator Shelving Bookcase

We are so proud of our newest addition to our aviator furniture pieces. This baby is a beast, weighing 300 lbs, and is a stunning statement bookcase with its gorgeous polished look.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you our Aviator Shelving Bookcase.

It features four removable shelves, making it easy to store your style and size contents. Bonus about the shelves being removable is that it sure makes it easier moving this bookcase when the shelves aren't adding their weight.

Our classic metal patchwork uses exposed steel screws on aluminum, giving it that beautiful look reminiscent of vintage WWII aircraft.

Got uneven floors? We have you covered with our 4 adjustable feet, making it sit perfectly on even those floors that were built so long ago that you could roll a ball one direction across the floor and it would start to roll a whole different direction.

Yes, we have one of those houses. A 1930s beauty. Full of character.

But that's what I like about the old. When you mix an antique wooden dresser with something new, like an artistic pendant lamp or a soft white shag rug, and continue that pattern of mixing the old and new throughout the entire living space, it gives such warmth and beauty to an otherwise stale room.

Give it a try. Mix the old with the new, and see what happens.


Until next time,



New Product | Standby Console Table | Aviator Furniture

We've combined two of our furniture styles into a classic new look:

The Standby Console Table.

The polished aluminum metal brightens even the smallest of spaces, and the simplicity of the 90 degree aluminum leg design adds both a vintage and contemporary aviator look.

The Standby Console Table combines the polished aluminum patchwork look of our Airfoil Desk that is reminiscent of early American war aircraft...

...with the seamless leg design of our Airframe Desk here.

To shop all our airplane style furniture and aviator inspired floating shelves, go to RamonaMetal.com.


Until next time,


NEW Black Ops Biplane Table | Industrial Black Metal and Oak Aviator Furniture End Table

Black Ops.



Leaves a definite impression.

The Black Ops Collection has come to Ramona Metal for that same purpose. To leave an impression like none before.


(Above image courtesy of Wiki Commons.)


We bring to you our Biplane Table Black Ops.

Three sleek black anodized legs intersecting simulate the main blades of the helicopter. Black walnut stained solid oak complete the top and bottom of our end table.

And each of our furniture pieces are finished with a metal plaque, signature of all our aviator furniture and shelves.

Our Biplane Table Black Ops is the perfect size end table for beside a bed, couch, or set of chairs, adding an instant industrial look to your home or office.

Ready to make an impression?


Until next time,



March 27, 2015

Aluminum › New Product › Ottoman ›

New LIMITED EDITION Faux Alligator Upholstered Aeromen Ottoman | Aviator Inspired Furniture and Decor

And now, introducing our LIMITED EDITION Alligator Upholstered Aeromen Ottoman!

Inspired by World War II fighter planes, our ottoman's square walls are hugged in aluminum with accenting exposed screws, and, for a new twist, topped with alligator-print for a fashionable, contemporary design.

Measuring 14" W x 14" L x 14" H, this ottoman is the perfect accent furniture piece.

Find it here on our website: LIMITED EDITION Alligator Upholstered Aeromen Ottoman.

And for more of our ottomans, go here.

Happy Spring!


NEW to Ramona Metal Brushed Finish Aviator Inspired Metal Furniture | Gorgeous Designer Look

Our aviator inspired furniture has taken on a whole new look with just a simple twist:

Hand sanded aluminum metal for a gorgeous, brushed finish.

But before we show you the new look, take a peek at the original look of our JetSet Coffee Table. Beautiful. Semi-reflective. Flawless.

And now, for our newest look added to Ramona Metal: the brushed finish. Each Brushed Finish JetSet Coffee Table is sanded by hand with fine sandpaper to perfection to give the aluminum a rich, luxurious look. If you want to add more visual texture to your room, this look was made for you.

We're drooling over this new look so much here at Ramona Metal, that we want to offer the brushed finish on all our aluminum products!

But don't worry...we will continue to offer both styles for purchase on our website...the original, matte look and the brushed finish. We just like to give you more goodness to choose from.

Tell us what you think on the new look! We'd love to hear your thoughts, so shoot us a message through our website or Facebook.




Biplane Table | New Product | Oak and Aluminum Aviator-Inspired End Table

As promised, the Biplane Table we blogged about in an earlier post, has now come to RamonaMetal!


It all started from a sketch from our awesome designer, James Stumpf.


Fascinating. Clean. Simple design.



But in the workshop, this simple design turned out to be far more complex. Many long, grueling hours were spent refining the first prototype, getting the angles just right.



And with the clever minds and skilled hands of our irreplaceable team working together, we are proud to bring to your home and office this beautifully balanced Biplane Table, which truly is simple.



Read more about the Biplane Table here.


Until next time,



October 17, 2014

Aluminum › New Product › RamonaMetal ›

New Product | Metal Aviator Inspired Industrial Urban Clock

We are proud to announce our newest product, the Deco Clock, designed by Tyler Little.

Each clock is built with a solid wood core and wrapped with an aluminum body, giving it that sweet urban look. The aluminum patchwork varies from clock to clock, ensuring that each one is a one-of-a-kind handmade piece of art. 


New Aviator-Inspired Table | Metal and Wood In One Beautiful Piece

Here is our latest addition to our furniture line: the Airframe Table.

Our Airframe Table is the perfect blend of wood and aluminum. Featuring a solid oak top and aluminum legs, the table creates a simple arched silhouette when viewed from the front. View the table from the side and see the airframe-style raw aluminum legs transition seamlessly to classic oak.

The table is made by hand by our skilled fabricators within the United States. The oak top is sealed with linseed oil and beeswax for a non-toxic and eco-friendly finish.

Our Airframe Table is the same style and material as our Airframe Desk (pictured below), but with a longer top for a bigger statement.

What statement do you want to make?

Lighting has come to Ramona Metal

We are proud to announce our newest addition to Ramona Metal...The Hanger Light, built with a solid wood core and coated entirely with aluminum.

We wanted to bring back a part of history to this aviator-inspired lamp by incorporating a vintage Edison-style light bulb, to add a bit of an industrial feel. And depending on the size of your room, this light comes with 3 feet of chain and wiring if you want more of a chandelier look.

What I find intriguing is how the light dances off the interior walls of the lamp and downward, for a dramatic mood light.

I am very proud of my husband, Eric, for designing this gorgeous piece. Now that we've branched out into the lighting arena, we hope to keep expanding our lighting selection to bring you more fabulous pieces. If you have ideas of your own of lighting you'd like to see us create, shoot us a message...we'd love to hear!


Until next time,


Alicia Lantzer


New Product Coming to RamonaMetal

Our latest furniture design, the Biplane Table, is coming soon to RamonaMetal! We are proud to add it to our line of aviator-inspired furniture.


Like our Airframe Desk, this Biplane Table is built with solid oak top and bottom. No plywood, no laminates, no MDF board, no veneers.....but solid oak.


The legs are created from aluminum, which fit together in the center for perfect balance. Our designer, James Stumpf designed this table to ship flat for keeping costs low, so minor assembly will be required.


We build it solid. We build to last.


Eric Lantzer

Owner & Builder