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April 15, 2019

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How Our Airfoil Desk Is Made | B E H I N D T H E S C E N E S

Our most popular desk is our Airfoil Desk, built with an eye-catching look that is reminiscent of a vintage aircraft wing. 

It has plenty of surface space to work comfortably, with lots of leg room beneath.


(Photo courtesy of our customer's real life office in Bloomfield, CO.)

If you want to see how this instant conversation starter is made, watch this behind the scenes exclusive footage in our workshop, where we build each Airfoil Desk by hand. 

Video by Tyler Little of TheLittleRustic.Etsy.com.

How a Metal Floating Deco Shelf Is Made

Here is a 2:05 minute behind the scenes video of our cousin, Tyler, making our most popular metal floating shelf, the Brushed Finish Deco Shelf


It is available in numerous lengths, this one being 48" long. If you want a custom size, just give us a holler.

 Also available in regular aluminum, ones with square corners, silver anodized aluminum (more scratch resistant and matte), black, brass, copper, and reclaimed barn metal. Shop them ALL here.

Tyler also owns The Little Rustic, and does his own furniture building and sign making using barn wood from barns he and Eric tear down from the roof down to the foundation.

He is extremely clever in his use of taking whitetail deer antlers ad making ice cream scoops, coffee scoops, and custom engraved knives.

Just last year he got into making gorgeous live-edge furniture, where he pours colorful epoxy rivers through the cracks or joints of the boards. 

He's got a sense of humor that will catch you off guard, and leave you shaking your head and smiling.


NEW to Ramona Metal Brushed Finish Aviator Inspired Metal Furniture | Gorgeous Designer Look

Our aviator inspired furniture has taken on a whole new look with just a simple twist:

Hand sanded aluminum metal for a gorgeous, brushed finish.

But before we show you the new look, take a peek at the original look of our JetSet Coffee Table. Beautiful. Semi-reflective. Flawless.

And now, for our newest look added to Ramona Metal: the brushed finish. Each Brushed Finish JetSet Coffee Table is sanded by hand with fine sandpaper to perfection to give the aluminum a rich, luxurious look. If you want to add more visual texture to your room, this look was made for you.

We're drooling over this new look so much here at Ramona Metal, that we want to offer the brushed finish on all our aluminum products!

But don't worry...we will continue to offer both styles for purchase on our website...the original, matte look and the brushed finish. We just like to give you more goodness to choose from.

Tell us what you think on the new look! We'd love to hear your thoughts, so shoot us a message through our website or Facebook.




Biplane Table | New Product | Oak and Aluminum Aviator-Inspired End Table

As promised, the Biplane Table we blogged about in an earlier post, has now come to RamonaMetal!


It all started from a sketch from our awesome designer, James Stumpf.


Fascinating. Clean. Simple design.



But in the workshop, this simple design turned out to be far more complex. Many long, grueling hours were spent refining the first prototype, getting the angles just right.



And with the clever minds and skilled hands of our irreplaceable team working together, we are proud to bring to your home and office this beautifully balanced Biplane Table, which truly is simple.



Read more about the Biplane Table here.


Until next time,



November 20, 2013

Deco Shelf › How Its Made ›

Where do we get our Deco Shelf mounting brackets? We make them!

We make everything by hand. Even the mounting brackets for our Deco Shelves are cut, drilled, welded and painted in our shop to guarantee quality, fitment and stability. Check out our Deco Shelves here.

October 18, 2013

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Two Deco Crates + Copper hand-built for our successful Fab.com sale

Above are two finished Deco Crates + Copper hand-built for our successful Fab.com sale. When purchasing any of our +Copper furnishings you have the option to choose between a coated or raw finish. A raw finish will allow the copper to patina over time while a coated finish will retain its high-gloss appearance indefinitely. These Deco Crates were coated.

October 18, 2013

Concept Sketches › How Its Made ›

Deco Crate Concept Sketch

Above is an original concept sketch of our Deco Crate which is now available for purchase.  When designing the Deco Crate I wanted to create something completely opposite of our Airfoil Desk.  The Airfoil Desk has one purpose which is to be utilized as a desk for your workspace.  The Deco Crate is remarkably simple and robust which allows you to use it almost anywhere as almost anything.  A side table, a bedside table, use two as a coffee table, a small television stand, an outdoor table, use two as a foyer bench or even keep one around the house as a beautiful step stool.

-James Stumpf

October 18, 2013

Airfoil Desk › How Its Made ›

Airfoil Desk: From sketch to aluminum: Part II

RamonaMetal Airfoil Desk Blueprint

The next step in bringing the Airfoil Desk to fruition was to create a detailed drawing.  This is one of the most important steps when we create a new product.  We typically hand draw our detailed plans at a 1:1 or 1:2 scale on a white canvas mounted on our studio wall.  Here we determine all the desk’s dimensions such as height, length and width.  We also create detailed drawings of all the components that make up the desk such as the numerous wood parts and the aluminum support.

We plan early on how we can create a product that is easy and affordable to deliver.  Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a piece of furniture online and paying another $250+ for shipping!  For the Airfoil desk we came up with a simple solution - hinge the base and tip together and ship the desk flat.  With this configuration the desk requires a minimal amount of assembly but the shipping charges shrink to less than $100.  A fair tradeoff to most customers.

- James Stumpf


Airfoil Desk: From Sketch to Aluminum: Part I

The Airfoil Desk was something I envisioned building some time ago.  I set out to build a desk that was incredibly simple but also incredibly industrial.  I wanted to use metals and alloys not commonly used to build furniture today: aluminum, brass and copper.  The desk looks massive at its base but tapers down to a fine point at its opposing edge.  Above is a compilation of some of the early sketches made.  This was the first step we took to create the Airfoil Desk.

- James Stumpf


January 23, 2013

Airfoil Desk › How Its Made ›

Airfoil Desk: From sketch to aluminum: Part III

On our last post in this series, we described our detailed blueprint and how it was created.  From that print, we will create a construction manual with detailed drawings, dimensions and instructions on how to build each part that makes up the Airfoil Desk.  We will use this construction manual in the shop along with wood cutting jigs to create the wood core of the Airfoil Desk which later gets wrapped in metal.  The desk has some challenging geometry so its absolutely critical that each part comes out perfectly on specification.  If one part were improperly sized it would trigger a domino effect during assembly throwing each part out of alignment.

-James Stumpf