Airfoil Desk: From sketch to aluminum: Part II

RamonaMetal Airfoil Desk Blueprint

The next step in bringing the Airfoil Desk to fruition was to create a detailed drawing.  This is one of the most important steps when we create a new product.  We typically hand draw our detailed plans at a 1:1 or 1:2 scale on a white canvas mounted on our studio wall.  Here we determine all the desk’s dimensions such as height, length and width.  We also create detailed drawings of all the components that make up the desk such as the numerous wood parts and the aluminum support.

We plan early on how we can create a product that is easy and affordable to deliver.  Nothing is more frustrating than purchasing a piece of furniture online and paying another $250+ for shipping!  For the Airfoil desk we came up with a simple solution - hinge the base and tip together and ship the desk flat.  With this configuration the desk requires a minimal amount of assembly but the shipping charges shrink to less than $100.  A fair tradeoff to most customers.

- James Stumpf