2 Easy Ways to Make Your Room One You Love

If you live in a small house or apartment, its easy to get overwhelmed with too much stuff, and not enough space to put it.

But it happens to people with big houses, too.

No matter where you live, here are 2 easy tips that help eliminate the blah feeling when you walk into a room, and make you actually look forward to it.

1. If you don't NEED it, get rid of it.

Seriously, who needs 17 empty toilet rolls?

Or DVDs you'd never watch again.

Or 15 different lotions.

Magazines from last year? Pitch 'em.

Do you seriously use 29 mugs a week?


2. If you don't LOVE it, get rid of it.

Simple enough.

Start with going through one space each day for 7 days.

Begin with just one drawer. Then tomorrow do the closet.

Too tight? Too frumpy? Too 80s? Get rid of it.

Next, look at the artwork on your walls.

If it doesn't give you some a spark of enjoyment, just get rid of it.

Its not worth keeping unfinished craft projects from 3rd grade. Really.

Surround yourself with things that YOU are inspired by. 



Don't know?

Box up everything that you don't need or love and put it in a corner. 

If you haven't missed it for a month, you know it can go.


P.S. The pictures of this adorable little boy's nursery are courtesy of our customers living in an apartment in Brooklyn, NY, the inspiration of our blog post. 

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