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New Product Coming to RamonaMetal

Our latest furniture design, the Biplane Table, is coming soon to RamonaMetal! We are proud to add it to our line of aviator-inspired furniture.


Like our Airframe Desk, this Biplane Table is built with solid oak top and bottom. No plywood, no laminates, no MDF board, no veneers.....but solid oak.


The legs are created from aluminum, which fit together in the center for perfect balance. Our designer, James Stumpf designed this table to ship flat for keeping costs low, so minor assembly will be required.


We build it solid. We build to last.


Eric Lantzer

Owner & Builder

October 18, 2013

Concept Sketches ›

Headboard Concept Sketch - available soon

Above is a sketch for our headboard concept. We are currently working on building a prototype and the final product should be available in mid to late November 2013.  The headboard will be available in aluminum, brass and copper.

October 18, 2013

Concept Sketches › How Its Made ›

Deco Crate Concept Sketch

Above is an original concept sketch of our Deco Crate which is now available for purchase.  When designing the Deco Crate I wanted to create something completely opposite of our Airfoil Desk.  The Airfoil Desk has one purpose which is to be utilized as a desk for your workspace.  The Deco Crate is remarkably simple and robust which allows you to use it almost anywhere as almost anything.  A side table, a bedside table, use two as a coffee table, a small television stand, an outdoor table, use two as a foyer bench or even keep one around the house as a beautiful step stool.

-James Stumpf

Airfoil Desk: From Sketch to Aluminum: Part I

The Airfoil Desk was something I envisioned building some time ago.  I set out to build a desk that was incredibly simple but also incredibly industrial.  I wanted to use metals and alloys not commonly used to build furniture today: aluminum, brass and copper.  The desk looks massive at its base but tapers down to a fine point at its opposing edge.  Above is a compilation of some of the early sketches made.  This was the first step we took to create the Airfoil Desk.

- James Stumpf