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Aluminum Vs. Anodized Aluminum | Airplane Style Furniture

If you have a small space to furnish, aluminum is a great choice. Similar to the effect that hanging a large mirror in a small space does to create the illusion of a larger area, adding a highly reflective object, such as one of our furniture pieces, reflects the light and brightens the space, giving the room a larger feel.

We have been broadening the selection of metal types available here at RamonaMetal for our different pieces of aviator furniture, and now have available two types of aluminum material for two completely different looks.

One is aluminum, and the other is anodized aluminum.

What is the difference?

First off, the sheen. As you can see below, the aluminum is semi-reflective of the surroundings, giving a more mirror-like appearance, while the anodized aluminum gives it a matte look.

Aluminum’s greatest asset is that it doesn’t rust. There is no paint or coating to wear off. Anodizing the aluminum is a process that increases the thickness of the coating, making it harder, thicker, and even more resistant to corrosion. It is more durable from normal wear and usage.

Anodized aluminum can also be made into different colors, such as black, that we use in all of the pieces of our Black Ops Collection.

Pure aluminum has a beautiful reflective quality.

Anodized aluminum has more durability.

Both have a stunning look.

Shop all our aluminum industrial furniture here.


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December 17, 2015

One Table and Two Looks | Aviator Furniture CoffeeTable

How to make a modern coffee table have two looks with one table? One word: JetSet Coffee Table. Well, make that three words.

The perfect DIY table for making a high end look with just a few twists of the bolts holding the legs.

Below we have two different looks with the same JetSet Coffee Table design.

Style 1 shown in Aluminum.

Style 1 shown in Brushed Aluminum.

Style 2 shown in Black Ops.

All four legs, hardware, and wrench is included with each Jetset Coffee Table. Each leg slides into a groove and is held in place by a bolt and washer, as shown in picture below.

Its all in what direction you install the legs as to what look you get.


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NEW Black Ops Biplane Table | Industrial Black Metal and Oak Aviator Furniture End Table

Black Ops.



Leaves a definite impression.

The Black Ops Collection has come to Ramona Metal for that same purpose. To leave an impression like none before.


(Above image courtesy of Wiki Commons.)


We bring to you our Biplane Table Black Ops.

Three sleek black anodized legs intersecting simulate the main blades of the helicopter. Black walnut stained solid oak complete the top and bottom of our end table.

And each of our furniture pieces are finished with a metal plaque, signature of all our aviator furniture and shelves.

Our Biplane Table Black Ops is the perfect size end table for beside a bed, couch, or set of chairs, adding an instant industrial look to your home or office.

Ready to make an impression?


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June 11, 2015

NEW Product | World War I Inspired Airfoil Desk | Oak + Aluminum

And now, what we have anxiously been waiting to reveal...our newest addition to Ramona Metal...our World War I Airfoil Desk, made right here in Michigan!

This Airfoil Desk from RamonaMetal is inspired by the historical beginnings of vintage World War I aircraft. The solid oak frame and ribbing give the desk its strength and style, while the aluminum adds its beauty in a perfect blend of wood and metal. The desk is handcrafted by our skilled fabricators with materials reminiscent of our earliest fighter planes.

Hey Captain, sit down at this Airfoil Desk and you will be ready to take on the World!

Dimensions: 65"L x 29"H x 32"W (165.1cm x 73.7cm x 81.3cm)
Minor assembly required.
Made in the USA.

Find it here on our website: World War I Airfoil Desk.

And for more of our desks, including more Airfoil Desk variations, go here.




Spring Black Friday Sale Event | Coupon Discount Promo Code | Aviator Inspired Furniture and Decor

Save 15% on your entire order by using the code: SPRING15. Its our Spring Black Friday SALE going on from now until May 31, 2015.  Use the coupon code on our website here at www.RamonaMetal.com.

Aviator Inspired Designer Look and Style Aluminum Metal Deco Clock

This week we are featuring our aviator inspired Deco Clock here on the blog.

It is built with a solid wood core and wrapped in aluminum. Every clock is handcrafted with precision. Every screw set by hand. The patchwork on each is slightly different, ensuring you receive a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind piece.

With the simple and edgy look of this clock, it is easy to add class and designer style to your room. Read more about our Deco Clock on our website by clicking on the link or the image below.


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March 27, 2015

Aluminum › New Product › Ottoman ›

New LIMITED EDITION Faux Alligator Upholstered Aeromen Ottoman | Aviator Inspired Furniture and Decor

And now, introducing our LIMITED EDITION Alligator Upholstered Aeromen Ottoman!

Inspired by World War II fighter planes, our ottoman's square walls are hugged in aluminum with accenting exposed screws, and, for a new twist, topped with alligator-print for a fashionable, contemporary design.

Measuring 14" W x 14" L x 14" H, this ottoman is the perfect accent furniture piece.

Find it here on our website: LIMITED EDITION Alligator Upholstered Aeromen Ottoman.

And for more of our ottomans, go here.

Happy Spring!


Simple Improvement to Our Aviator-Inspired Biplane Table - minor assembly required vs. already assembled

We've made a simple change with what we originally designed our Biplane Table to do for perfect...all for the better.

Originally our Biplane Table was designed to ship flat for very simple shipping, and some minor assembly required once it arrived at your door. But even this table was hard for us to assemble! We decided to take the headache out for you and ship it already assembled and ready to furnish your home or office with.

Great idea? Brilliant.

Its like opening a present at Christmas! Its all ready to drool over.

Would you look at those gorgeously intersected legs!

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Aviator-Inspired Furniture and Decor

NEW to Ramona Metal Brushed Finish Aviator Inspired Metal Furniture | Gorgeous Designer Look

Our aviator inspired furniture has taken on a whole new look with just a simple twist:

Hand sanded aluminum metal for a gorgeous, brushed finish.

But before we show you the new look, take a peek at the original look of our JetSet Coffee Table. Beautiful. Semi-reflective. Flawless.

And now, for our newest look added to Ramona Metal: the brushed finish. Each Brushed Finish JetSet Coffee Table is sanded by hand with fine sandpaper to perfection to give the aluminum a rich, luxurious look. If you want to add more visual texture to your room, this look was made for you.

We're drooling over this new look so much here at Ramona Metal, that we want to offer the brushed finish on all our aluminum products!

But don't worry...we will continue to offer both styles for purchase on our website...the original, matte look and the brushed finish. We just like to give you more goodness to choose from.

Tell us what you think on the new look! We'd love to hear your thoughts, so shoot us a message through our website or Facebook.




Biplane Table | New Product | Oak and Aluminum Aviator-Inspired End Table

As promised, the Biplane Table we blogged about in an earlier post, has now come to RamonaMetal!


It all started from a sketch from our awesome designer, James Stumpf.


Fascinating. Clean. Simple design.



But in the workshop, this simple design turned out to be far more complex. Many long, grueling hours were spent refining the first prototype, getting the angles just right.



And with the clever minds and skilled hands of our irreplaceable team working together, we are proud to bring to your home and office this beautifully balanced Biplane Table, which truly is simple.



Read more about the Biplane Table here.


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