Aviator Cribbage Board | Aluminum + Cherry

With its great industrial style that combines both wood and metal, authentic aviator grade pegs, and hidden storage, it is easy to admire such a piece, and makes for a thoughtful gift for a pilot enthusiast who likes to play some good old fashioned cribbage. 

Each of the four corner rivets are authentic as well, one permanently attached to the wood base, allowing the top to pivot open, and magnets at the other three corners allowing it to rest closed.

Our cribbage board is made with an aluminum top that pivots on a rivet attached to a gorgeous cherry wood bottom, and features hidden storage for both pegs and your own deck of cards. The cherry wood has been sanded and hand rubbed with two coats of Danish Oil that really causes the character and grain to pop out, and gives it such a rich, luxuriant look and feel.

WARNING: This game is a very subtle way to teach basic counting and addition skills! And it is very easy to spend HOURS engaged in strategy and fun with friends or loved ones!

Measures 16" long, 2" tall, and 4" wide. Includes four pegs. Each peg is approximately 1-1/4" tall.

Our Cribbage board can be played by up to four players. Once down, peg the last hole twice, then back to home you go.

PLEASE NOTE: Cribbage board does NOT include a deck of cards.

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