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February 23, 2014

Airframe Desk ›

An all new desk from RamonaMetal

I'm excited about the direction this new desk is taking our design language. For our first piece of exposed wood furniture I wanted to get back to the basics. No plywood, no MDF board, no laminates, no veneers.....but solid oak. In the land of exotic veneers glued on cheap MDF, oak is considered "out of style". I think applying a simple clear finish to REAL oak creates a beautiful and classic desk.

Anyone that's a fan of RamonaMetal knows I have to use some form of metal in all of my pieces. I've been obsessed with copper, brass and aluminum since I was a kid growing up working on vintage Honda motorcycles. For this desk, we worked hard to create this simple arched silhouette with the aluminum legs not so different from the naked airframe structure of an airplane. Each aluminum leg riser is individually bend by hand. All the legs components are then welded together and finished with a light brushing. The desk ships flat to keep costs under control and requires light assembly. Speaking of costs, did I mention this desk is handmade in the United States and costs less than $900?


Until next time,


James Stumpf